LCD or Plasma?


Buying a new flat panel can be confusing with all the information thrown at you when you are at the store. I made this no nonsense video which will guide you on the basics you will need to know when choosing the right flat panel for your home.


Iphone, Itouch Format available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)



Also keep in mind what size you want the monitor to be. A good size for a bedroom for me is 32". 32" looks very small in a master bedroom, I suggest getting a 42" or larger which will look fantastic.


Below I have also put information of some of the pricing on these TV’s and the mounting bracket if you want to put it on the wall.



Places to checkout for pricing on Plasma’s

Best Buy:


Places to checkout for pricing on LCD’s

Best Buy:


HDMI Cables at

Mounting Brackets at

Upconvert DVD Player at




What is Plasma Display?:

What is LCD Display?:

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