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The iphone has become one of the phones to beat and with 15,000 + applications for the device there is bound to be one that will help you make something easier in your day. In the video below I will show you a nice little free program named Around Me. This program has great features to help you find what you need when you need it.

No more driving around aimlessly trying to find the nearest store or gas station in your area. There is also another program I will mention which is Gas Buddy and this program will help you find not only the nearest gas station but it will show the price at the pump in that gas station. It also has a great beautiful interface.  Gas Buddy is $2.99, Oil and Gas is Free, and Around Me is also Free.


I was not able to find links that will activate itunes directly to find the programs. Below are their names, just open your itunes program and on the search bar on the top right put the name of the programs as they appear below. You can also do this on your iphone by going to the app store.





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