iPhone Full Resolution Photos




Something missing on the iphone is to allow you to send your photos in the original resolution they where taken. Now you can, thanks to a small little program name Send Photos which you can find on the iTunes App Store for only $0.99. In the video below I will show you the steps you need to configure this program correctly since you will need to change the port the program uses.

I recommend for a hassle free installation and configuration to get a Google G-MAIL account which is free and you can signup for it by clicking on the link below. If you already have an account then you are ready to go.

Click Here to Signup for GMAIL 


3 thoughts on “iPhone Full Resolution Photos”

  1. hi aramis..
    i live in jamaica and i got the iphone 3g..my sister updated it on itunes before i got it unlocked and when i carried it to get unlocked im being told it cant be unlocked..is there anything i can do to downgrade it to be unlocked?
    Please help me

  2. Hi, Unfortunetly there is no current way to unlock the iphone if it was updated to version 2.2.1. Even if you downgrade the firmware the baseband will not change. I would recommend to search google from time to time to see if someone has found a fix for this. Best of luck

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