Jailbreak iPhone firmware 4.1 with Limera1n (JUST RELEASED)

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After weeks of waiting finally you can jailbreak iphone version 4.1. This works on the iphone 4 and 3gs. The tool you will need is Limera1n.

Limera1n can also be used to jailbreak the ipad. Below is the link and some information from their website. For now you need windows to use Limera1n.

If you are happy with your jailbreak you might want to head on over to Limera1n’s website and donate something for their hard work. At the bottom of this article is their website link. Enjoy your jailbreak!.

Update2 10-18-2010: Now limera1n works for the mac. The link is at the bottom

Update: When you jailbreak the iphone, you need open the limera1n app that appears, then from there choose to install Cydia. If it does not appear on the screen after installation then hold the power button and home button to turn off the iphone and then turn it back on, it should appear after that.

Limera1n Information:

limera1n, 6 months in the making
iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G
4.0-4.1 and beyond+++
limera1n is unpatchable
untethered thanks to jailbreakme star comex
released today to get chronicdev to do the right thing
brought to you by geohot
Mac coming soon
follow the instructions in the box, sadly limera1n isn’t one click
that’s the price of unpatchability
as usual, donations appreciated but not required
still in beta, pardon my ragged edges
AppleTV is technically supported, but theres no apps yet
zero pictures of my face



Limera1n Main Website: http://www.limera1n.com

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