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Usually when you are looking for a wallpaper for your iphone you find that most of them need to be resized and some of them cut off the parts you want or do not look correct. I made 50 wallpapers for the iphone that I wanted to share with all of you. They are resized  so when you save them they will fit the screen correctly. Below are the instructions you will need to use the images.

One last thing I wanted to mention is that if your iphone is Jailbroken, and you have Winterboard installed from Cydia. Then you can turn on “User Lock Background” and “User Wallpaper” so that the images will appear not only on your lock screen but as the background when you see all the icons. If your iphone is not jailbroken then the images will only appear on the lock screen. Hope you enjoy the images.


In order to use the images simply open your iphone to this page and click on the image, when the image appears in a another page by itself it will then appear as a small image to the left, it is now at full size. Put your finger on it and hold it down until the iphone ask you if you want to save the image. The image will then be saved to your camera roll where you can use it as a wallpaper or when you sync with your computer it will also be added to your pictures that you currently have in your library of images for your iphone.

You can also save these images to your computer and put them in a folder that will sync to your iphone. When you sync the iphone with your computer then the images will appear in your library so you can use them as wallpaper.




This will only work with versions 2.1 or 2.2 on the iphone.


Wallpaper Wallpaper2 Wallpaper3 Wallpaper4 Wallpaper5 Wallpaper6 Wallpaper7 Wallpaper8 Wallpaper9 Wallpaper10 Wallpaper11 Wallpaper12 Wallpaper13 Wallpaper14 Wallpaper15 Wallpaper16 Wallpaper17 Wallpaper18 Wallpaper19 Wallpaper20 Wallpaper21 Wallpaper22 Wallpaper23 Wallpaper24 Wallpaper25 Wallpaper26 Wallpaper27 Wallpaper28 Wallpaper29 Wallpaper30 Wallpaper31 Wallpaper32 Wallpaper33 Wallpaper34 Wallpaper35 Wallpaper36 Wallpaper37 Wallpaper38 Wallpaper39 Wallpaper40 Wallpaper41 Wallpaper42 Wallpaper43 Wallpaper44 Wallpaper45 Wallpaper46 Wallpaper47 Wallpaper48 Wallpaper49 Wallpaper50

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