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avatar65_2 After checking like a million times to see if the new version of the iphone was available to download, I’m happy to say that finally it is here. This version brings the much needed Cut Copy & Paste functions. It was released at 1:30pm JUNE 17th Eastern time.



  • Cut, Copy & Paste
  • Landscape Keyboard
  • MMS (This is not available on AT&T until late in the summer)
  • Spotlight Search (Find what you need across the iphone quickly and easily
  • Voice Memos (You can record voice messages and edit them)
  • Improved Calendar (Only benefit is if you are using exchange)
  • Buy Movies, TV Shows, and Audiobooks
  • Enhanced Stocks App
  • Sync Notes (in Windows and on the mac using Outlook or Entourage)
  • Stereo Bluetooth (Connect compatible Bluetooh headphones)
  • YouTube Login (Now you can login to your youtube account on the iphone)
  • Shake to Shuffle (Shuffle songs simply by shaking the iphone)
  • Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe (You can only do this if you sign up for a mobileme account which is $99 yearly)

To upgrade simply install the latest version of iTunes 8.2 and check for update. It will prompt you that the new version is available.


iphone-3-new-1 The new software brings some cool features like now you can finally sync your NOTES with outlook, something that many of use all the time and if you restored the phone in the past you had to be careful not to loose them. Also the new version brings Spotlight which will allow you to search for any file, document, email, and just about anything on the iphone.

The Cut, Copy & Paste is definitely a great reason to upgrade and I did notice the iphone is responding faster. With the new upgrade you will not get the Compass option nor will you be able to use the Camera to record video, those features are reserved for the new 3Gs iphone which will be released on June 19th.


Should you upgrade?:

Yes I think you should since it has some improvements that will make the overall experience much better. You can always downgrade the version if you see problems arise


pwnage-tool-logo For those of you that have a jailbroken iphone, I would recommend to wait until later on this week when a jailbreak option for version 3.0 will be available. I will post links as soon as I see it on the web. Also I’m working on a video to show you how to downgrade from version 3.0 to version 2.2.1. I will have it ready sometime tomorrow, so come back. Update, I have tried various ways to downgrade the version and unfortunately I cannot post one that actually works since all the ways I have been able to downgrade cannot be recreated in a consistent manner, sometimes they work and other times I get different errors. If you know of a way that works every time post here in the comments to help others.

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