If you are all of the sudden getting an mmdriver.inf file missing error like the one below then I have an easy fix for you. Below I put a link to a zip file that contains the mmdriver.inf file, all you need to do is extract the zip file contents and copy the mmdriver.inf file into your  c:\windows\system32\ directory. This is for Windows XP, once you copy the file there will be no more errors.







23 thoughts on “Missing MMDRIVER.INF in XP?”

  1. Thanks–worked great. After downloading, you must UNZIP the file, then copy the mmdriver file to C:\windows\system32\ directory. We restarted the computer for good measure.

  2. Thank you Great fix for this problem,beats what computer support told me (reformat the hard drive)

  3. Thanks a million. I “upgraded” to a new version of Skype and it just took it upon itself to erase my file.
    After I did my reboot, there was no more “mmdriver.imf” file.

    I tried copying the file out of my Wife’s computer but couldn’t get it to work for some reason. Your link worked great.

    Thanks again for saving me hours of work.

  4. Hi and thanks for such an easy fix to my problem with the missing mmdriver. Cannot imagine how it went missing in the first place!!!

  5. I echo the comment that this is, without a doubt, the most useful tip I have ever found on line. Kudos to you and thank you.

  6. fantastic took me couple of month,home and away to fix this problem now works perfect,thanks lot

  7. for me it won’t work and i don’t know why i have a similar problem but he says just Instalation Failed. somebody know why?

  8. while installing conexant hd audio driver, i got error saying mmdriver.inf missing…… So i tried to fix it by your file…… It is fixed, but Now i’m getting error code 10, which says device can not start!please help…… Thank you!i’m using windows xp pro x64……

  9. I have a Tivo series 2 with a lifetime service. I have videos on harddrive and I think the Tivo hard drive may be going bad Is there a software that can transfer the videos off the tivo hard drive to another source.’

    Thank you

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