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The Asus Eeepc 900HD has now taken netbooks to new levels with its 160GB Hard Drive and with a price tag of about $249 it just makes this a great netbook. I have tried the HP Netbook, and the Acer Netbook and the Asus wins above those 2. I would recommend to go to your nearest electronic store and check them out so you can compare.


The 900HD differs from the 900 because it has now a 160GB 2.5 sata drive. The only thing that I can say negative about this netbook is that after a long period of usage it gets pretty warm since the hard drive generates alot of heat. This happens across the board with all netbooks I tried that had a hard drive inside of them.

The netbook is very portable and light weight. Below is a video that will show you all the features of the netbook and also links to where you can get a good deal for the netbook, where you can get more memory, and a bigger battery with 8hrs of usage. The extended battery does stick out some what but it is awesome if you are on the go and need juice to last all day.




For the skins to use on the Asus Eeepc 900HD, HA netbooks which they also have for the Asus Eeepc 1000HE visit,278.htm




  • Operating system: Windows XP Home ( You can install Windows XP Professional, Vista, or Windows 7 need an upgrade to 2GB of ram )
  • Internal memory: 160 GB hard disk drive (HDD)
  • RAM: 1 GB DDR2
  • Processor: Asus 900HD 900Mhz Celeron / Asus Eeepc 900HA 1.6 GHz Intel Atom
  • Memory expansion: Slot for MMC/SD(SDHC) cards
  • LCD: 8.9 inches, 1024 x 600 pixels
  • Networking: 54g Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), 10/100 Fast Ethernet
  • Peripheral connectivity: Three USB 2.0
  • External video: One VGA
  • External audio: One headphone and one microphone port
  • Webcamera: Yes, 0.3 megapixels (VGA)
  • Battery life: up to 5 hours (I was only able to get about 2 1/2hrs continuous usage) comes with a 4cell battery
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds (40 ounces)
  • Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.7 x 1.33 inches




AMAZON.COM Asus 900HA $264.50:

BESTBUY.COM Asus 900HD $249.00:

BESTBUY.COM Asus 900HD (Outlet Item) $229.99:

EBAY.COM 8 CELL BATTERY (8hrs of usage) $59.00:

AMAZON.COM 8 CELL BATTERY (8hrs of usage) $89.00:

AMAZON.COM Asus 2GB of Memory $29.99:

CRUCIAL.COM Asus 2GB of Memory $27.99:


Seagate Momentus 7200.3 ST9320421AS – Hard drive – 320 GB – internal – 2.5" – SATA-300 – 7200 rpm – buffer: 16 MB  AMAZON.COM:

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  1. Thank you for this product review. It was thorough and informative. I am looking for a netbook for my wife and found your site on a Google search. I have bookmarked your site and look forward to checking out more here.

  2. Hi,
    I just change the memory to a 2GB, however when I go to the comntrol panel and check the system for memory still still shows 1GB. What cut be the problem?

    Thanks for the help


  3. the pc is good but the charger is not. we have gone through 4 chargers in the last year.

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  7. I have a question. I am from Romania, i bought a laptop Asus EE pc 900 and today when i was cleaning it i made something from the keyboard an a think i activated a code because i`m writing encoded. And i don`t know what to do… I`m waiting an answer very soon please!

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