Macbook Pro Mid 2012 Review and Upgrade

If you have a Macbook and would like to supercharge it or are thinking on buying one, watch my video below. I upgrade my new macbook pro 13″ with an SSD Drive and added 16GB of Ram. It makes this Macbook work like a charm. Check out the video and see below links to the […]


Change Default Outgoing Mail Sound on a Mac

If you own a mac and use the default email client than you will probably see that you can change the sound that the email client makes when messages come in but there is no way to change the outgoing sound, at least not in the settings. If you own an iPhone or iPad and […]


Step By Step Evasi0n Jailbreak 2013

Finally a Jailbreak is available for all the new iOS devices. If you are like me, you have been waiting impatiently for months for this day. Thanks to the guys over at Evasi0n.com we can now jailbreak iOS 6,1 and its new devices like the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Below is a video with […]


Remove Outlook Calendar Duplicates

Removing Outlook duplicate entries can sometimes be a long task since you would need to change the view to a list then hold the Control key and click on each individual duplicates so you can remove them. In the video below I will show you a really simple application that will remove all the duplicates […]


Change Mac OSX Dashboard Background

  Ever wanted to change the boring look of the Mac OSX Dashboard Background?. Well in the video below I will show you step by step instructions on how to do just that I’ll also show you how to convert any image that you want so you can use it as the background. I used […]