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Keeping your data safe should be on your priority of your to do list. In this video I will show you how you can keep your data safe and a program that has unique features that make backing up your data worry free and a breeze.

Also below I put information about the software and hard drive deals on the web that might be useful if you do not have one already.

Iphone, Itouch Format available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)







NTI Shadow 30day Trial Download Page:

Where to buy NTI Shadow:



NTI Shadow Features:

NTI makes it easy for PC and Mac users to backup, synchronize, share, collaborate, and save valuable data, photo, video, and music files to any drive letter.
New features include bi-directional sync with multiple drives and multiple computers, Ninja for Windows public and private partitions, Continuous data protection and scheduled backups for specific times and frequencies.

Version control delivers the ability to have multiple revisions of important files, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, music, photo and video files to access as needed. Also 1-click “Quick Restore”.

  • Real-time, Native Format Backup with Bi-Directional Sync
    • Every time a change occurs, your backup file will always be in sync
  • NTI Ninja Protection
    • Create 2 drive letters as public & private on the same USB drive
  • Intelligent USB Device Detectionâ„¢
    • Automatically keeps track of which USB device is used for easy data management
  • Advanced File Type and Custom File Type Filtering
    • Select specific file type groups – you can save just your photo files, video files, music files, and/or data files.
  • Quick Restore Feature
    • After selecting a backup job, NTI Shadow will automatically take you back to your backup file source location for easy drag and drop restoration.
  • Convenient Options Offer Additional Controls
    • Auto Deletion On/Off – automatically deletes files on your backup destination when the source files are deleted on your PC
    • Retain Full Path – choose same or new location to restore
    • Suppress Error Log Window – hides the error log window
  • Easily Select Files/Folders for Backup
    • Just check the box next to the folder or file you want to be backed up and Shadow will take care of it automatically.





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Western Digital USB Hard Drive Links to where you can buy it and pricing.



500GB $111.99 NEWEGG.COM:


1TB $185.99 NEWEGG.COM:


You can also use any other USB drive, it does not have to be from Western Digital, I just put this one because it is the one I use, I will only recommend you products and software that I try myself. Maxtor, Seagate are other Hard Drive manufacturers that you can check out

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