What’s Missing in Windows Vista



If you  are using Windows Vista than this tip will be great for you. This will add a cool feature that should have been built into Vista. A volume indicator bar. There are 2 pieces to install this. The first is to install the DotNetFX Version 3.5 from microsoft. I put the link below. The second is the volume bar indicator program. The website where you can download it is also located below. I want to mention that the software is free and you can make a donation to the software writer from their website.

If you are using Windows XP and you would like to be able to have this, well unfortunately this will not work for you. But don’t worry I did not leave you behind. At the bottom of this post I also put a small utility that will work on windows XP so I have you covered.

volumebar1 volumebar2


Iphone, Itouch Format available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)



Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Download for Vista: dotNetFx35setup.exe

Vista Volume Indicator Bar Download Website: http://gatehead.com/Free/Vista-Volume-Indicator.aspx

If the website above does not work try this direct link to download the file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jv2mnyjigqj/vista_volume_indicator.msi









Windows XP Volume Bar Indicator

This one is easy I made it into an auto install file so all you have to do is download it, double click to install it and reboot your XP machine. Once it reboots use the Up and Down keys  on your keyboard and you will see the volume level appear on the top left of the screen. I put an image below so you can see an example. Click on the image to enlarge.








VOLUME INDICATOR FOR XP DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?tntwhh2y1yr

35 thoughts on “What’s Missing in Windows Vista”

  1. I installed this on a Vista 64 bit machine. It crashes every time I clikk to up/down volume buttons on my keyboard.

  2. This program crashes for me as well on my 64-bit system.

    Thanks so much for making a program of this type though.. I have looked so hard for an osd that looks good and gives me a relative value, and it is hard to find. (HP makes one, but it is large and in the center of the screen so it is bothersome).
    If you can fix this to work with 64 bit vista, then I sincerely appreciate it.

  3. It works fine until I use any full screen video, which is when I really need it, but it stays underneath the video. That makes it practically useless. The one on my XP machines always comes to the top.

    I don’t really need to adjust the volume when I’m just looking at the desktop.

  4. This works on my Vista 64.

    Yes it won’t display above full screen video. There are certain video players that have OSD when playing (e.g. PowerDVD).

    Certain mouse or keyboard have on-screen indicator provided by the driver will show above full screen video, but even that won’t show in full screen game.

    Windows really needs something that will universally show in all environments.

  5. Great little app. An hour of googling and I finally have something that bill gates should have thought of long ago!
    XP version works fine on my xp system. Thanks!

  6. let me just say you are the man. yes you are a genius. ive been guessing my volume for about 5 years and you have given me a freaking gift! thank you it works flawlessly on Windows 7 gateway mx3560.

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  8. Will the Volume-Indicator for XP also work in Windows 7? Because i would like it more, if the windows-mixer-slider would pop up instead of another indicator-bar.

  9. You freaking ROCK. You are THE MAN, and I could just KISS YOUR FREAKIN’ FEET for providing this! You are awesome! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


  11. hi! I was just wondering, the volume indicator for vista is nice, but is there a chance to change the color?

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  18. hey thank you for the volume osd!.. my hotkeys or quick launch/ manager was deleted, what is the link to get my quick launch/ manager hotkeys back for acer windows vista 32 extensa 4630z?.. this is driving me crazy! i can’t even format drive C to get all the little missing files back on this good running computer yet..

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