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iphoneonsteroids_small While apple release the iphone update 2.2, you may want to hold on until you see there are no bugs. For those of you, like me, that update to the new version but would like to go back to 2.1. I put together a step by step video so you can do this, check the video below and let me know if it worked for you.

Once you are done it will bring the iphone back to version 2.1. You can use the latest version of itunes to do this. You will also need the 2.1 Firmware which is found below, and  QuickPWN 2.1 so you can activate the 2.1 version once completed.

First download the 2.1 firmware by CLICKING HERE . Save it to a place you will remember then open iTunes, connect your iphone 3G and while pressing the shift key click on the restore button in iTunes. This will bring up a window that will let you look for the firmware you downloaded. You will also need QuickPWN which you can download by CLICKING HERE if the link fails try this one CLICKING HERE

This tutorial video below is for the iPhone 3G, but it will work for the 1st generation iPhone if you use the firmware below.

If you have the First generation iphone (The Old one) then CLICK HERE for the firmware that works on that model. You might also need the bootloaders 3.9 and 4.6 you can download them by clicking on the following links.  3.9 Bootloader   4.6 Bootloader

Iphone, Itouch Format available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)

197 thoughts on “Downgrade Iphone Firmware 2.2 to 2.1”

  1. i dont get how to ignore the error massages. It wont work when i restore to 2.1. it will almost finish and then i get the error (1013) and it stays in recovery mode.

  2. Yes it will stay in recovery mode, then the next step is to put the phone into DFU mode, then try to restore again. Once it gives you an error again then you boot up the phone to get it out of the DFU mode and it should boot with the new version 2.1.

    It worked on my 2 iphones without any problems.

  3. dont work for me. I have tried 4 times (Recovery->DFU-> Restore) it still comes to Recovery mode with error 1013 🙁

  4. Ok let me go over again on what I did. I first grabbed my iphone 2.2 version and did a restore to version 2.1. It gave me an error 1013 at the end. I then grabbed the phone and put it in DFU mode and did a restore again. It gave me an error and the Iphone stayed in DFU mode which the screen shows in black, no logo or images on it.

    I disconected the iphone from my computer and pressed the power button to get it to boot. Once it booted it showed me the unlock screen and that is it I was back onto version 2.1. Hope this helped. I did this on both my iphones and it worked. Try the steps again. You might have to restore it back to 2.2 if it fails so you can then try it again.

  5. “It gave me an error and the Iphone stayed in DFU mode which the screen shows in black, no logo or images on it.” <===== I dont have this anytimes 🙁

  6. Ok after it stays black like that, then boot up the phone again to get it out of the DFU mode and it will boot up with the 2.1 version.

  7. Hi, I got iphone t down grade from 2.2 to 2.1 but when I put the Tmobile sim saying is not services. Any one have any idea.. 🙁

  8. Thanks a million, followed your steps to the T and it works !!!!!!! My phone is back from the dead…………YOU ARE THE MAN !!!!!!!!

  9. Heyyyyyyy what about the baseband is it also downgraded? i used boot neuter and i had service for 1 hour then no service

  10. Aramis, thanks for the walkthrough. My iphone did successfully downgrade to firmware 2.1, but the modem firmware remained at version 2.28.00… was your walkthrough intended to downgrade that too?

  11. i wann ask my iphone 3G is unlocked but jailbroken through quickpwn and i downgraded to 2.1 , but i want method to downgrade base band of 2.2 to 2.1

    – 2.1.0 Firmware & 02.11.07 Baseband
    – 2.2.0 Firmware & 02.28.00 Baseband

    with firmware we all have no problem u can see the 2.1 and downgraded but base band???? do u have solution!!!!!

  12. sorry my iphone 3G is locked cz of the baseband upgrade , need to downgrade baseband if possible.. till now its no way

  13. Hi i have successful restored iphone to 2.1 but need to activate software in order to get iphone to work i have downloaded quickpwn and held down home and start button as show. itunes says software n/a

  14. Guys thank you I appreciate your comments. Regarding the downgrade, the tutorial is intended to downgrade to version 2.1 nothing more. It does not downgrade the baseband

    I don’t believe there is a way to do that. If your iPhone is connected with ATT then the baseband downgrade should not matter.

    I read that the DEV team was working on a soft unlock for the iPhone 3G but if you upgraded to version 2.2 then it will not work because version 2.2 upgrades the baseband. If any of you get to downgrade the baseband, post it here so others can get this done. Thanks Everybody

  15. Sashski. I believe it might work on your mac, you need to download the firmware and also the quickpwn for mac, try following the same steps. Let me know if it worked. If it does not work, the only bad thing that will happen is that you have to restore the iphone again to version 2.2. Hope this helped.

  16. is anyone has idea why after downgrade from 2.2 to 2.1, I putted my unlock sim card to use T-mobile, but still say NO SERVICE.

  17. I was able to downgrade to 2.1 version. However, under Setting, General, Network, my phone is missing Cellular Data Network. (4 options include Enable 3G, Data Roaming, VPN and Wi-Fi.) Why am I missing Cellular Data Network? It was there prior to v2.2, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to use T-mobile. Please help. Thank you.

  18. hi aramis, i appreciate your video so much but i have a little problem. i’m using a macbook to do the procedure that you said but i can’t do it, i think it has a different command. i was just in the hold “shift” key and click restore (in i tunes) stage but a different window appear. maybe you could help me do it here in macbook. please help.

    thanks 🙂

  19. I downgraded my phone but I did it a more simpler way. I put it into DFU mode first and recovered using the 2.1 FW download. I got the 1013 error, pressed okay and ejected my iPhone. I unplugged it from my laptop and rebooted my phone. I then plugged it into my laptop again and iTunes asks if I want to finish the restore with defaults or from my previous back up. I use my previous back up and 2.1 is back and running with all my contacts, texts, emails, settings, etc. The only thing missing is my application and music.

  20. hi, very appreciate your video!!! Everything work good until I tried to boot up the iphone again. I’m Mac user then I download quickpwn 2.1 from this website instead,
    and I just can’t use the quickpwn, I double click on it and nothing happen, no message pop up, I have no choice to try to continue to press the power&home button 15sec until the screen off and press power again to open it, but it’s stuck in recovery mode, the iphone can’t reboot!! I don’t know my problem is because use wrong quickpwn version or not, I search for the quickpwn 2.1 for Mac. Could you please tell me how to figure this out, if I use wrong quickpwn version, could you please tell me where I can download the version for activate my 3G iphone again, I’ve tried to reboot it a thousand time!!! PLEASE~~~~~~

  21. after downgrading my iphone, can i still update my phone with the new firmware thru itunes not quickpwn?
    (i can upgrade and downgrade the phone by itunes as much as possible)

  22. for the one who use sim to unlock and use t-mobile—u need to wait the new sim come out for v2.2 with baseband 02.28.00.
    There is new sim unlock for v2.2 now, but becareful, those only work for v2.2 with firmward 2.1 baseband , not the complete new version of 2.2 that you download from apple offical itunes.

  23. After much searching and numerous misinformation your site finally helped me do it correctly. Its the small steps that count. Shame about the baseband though, still no joy on finding a network.

    Thank for your help though

  24. OMG, I caant believe this actually worked, I followed your instructions completely from the video and it worked. I am soo pleased. Thank you so much. I tried everything and spend £60 trying to get my phone downgraded and nothing worked. You make it sooo easy.


  25. i have a 3g iphone for Tmobile which i was using a turbo chip but i upgraded it to 2.2 and now it says out of service. i would like to downgrade it to 2.1 following your instruction but will that also downgrade teh baseband? which is the reason why the turbo sim doesnt work, because the baseband still stays as 2.2. does your method downgrade the baseband as well?

  26. Guys thanks for your cool comments, I really appreciate it and I’m glad I was able to help.

    I’m currently looking into the baseband downgrade but I don’t think it is possible right now. What I do know is that nothing is impossible and it can be done, it is just a question of time. Thanks anyways to all of you for your post.

  27. I tried your downgrade steps from 3g 2.2 to 2.1 and even to 2.01 it works great, and so easy . I appriciate your great tutorial. The baseband will not be downgraded and will be as 2.2.0 Firmware & 02.28.00 , howevre sim proxy or turbu sim will not work anymore .
    Thank you man

  28. please please help!
    i have iphone 1g and accidently upgraded to 2.2 using itunes! now iphone won’t work in my country i can’t use it at all!
    i downloaded the softwares you told me to download, and when i open itunes i dont see a restore button!

    please help and email me at my email address ! thanks!

  29. I bought 3g iphone from ebay with turbosim. I have ATT simcard and my service provider is also ATT. But i don’t have iphone data plan.
    The turosim guy told me to restore iphone connecting to itune.
    When I did that it seems iphone now upgraded to 2.2,and now tursim doesn’t work.
    What should I do now? I want to use ATT as service provider but don’t want to take data plan & extend my contract with ATT.
    Thanks in advance

  30. lee

    you don’t need any turbosim, just put your att sim and the phone works perfectly. But don’t go to Safari unless use wifi.

  31. Thanks a lot for the help i was successfull to downgrade my phone to 2.1. But am still not able to use T-moble with the turbo sim on my iphone. Please help

  32. I tried using this for my iTouch (don’t exactly know if it’ll work) but when I do I get an error 5 instead of 1013. any idea why?

  33. For the ipod touch you need to download the Firmware that goes with the itouch, not the iphone firmware here on the site. They are different. Search google for ipodtouch 2.1 firmware. Hope this helped

  34. hi, i have try to downgrade my 3g 2.2 to 2.1.. i tried follow your steps.. but, it’s appear error 5… not 1013.. and after all, everything is going back to 2.2.. so what i have to do? Thanks

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