Quick Easy way to speed up XP or Vista

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Computer Tip While there are many tips on the Internet to speed up your Windows XP or Vista, there is one that I would like to show you which is easy to do and it might help your computer not only perform faster but it will boot up quicker.

Normally when you buy a computer it runs really fast, then over time as you install programs the computer starts slowing down when it boots up, and performance seems to lag. If you regularly defragment your computer and this keeps happening then it might be that you have many programs running in the background. Use the tip below to see if this helps.



First Click on Start on Windows XP or Vista

startxp startvista


Second Click On Run and type "MSCONFIG". Then press "OK" This will bring up a window.



Third from the window choose the "Startup" tab and you will see a listing of all the programs that are set to start and will continue to run with windows. These programs might be using lots of memory or CPU Cycles. You can go through this list and uncheck the programs you might want to disable from running at startup.

Don’t worry about the ones you disable, because if when you reboot something does not start right you can follow the steps again and re check the box to make it start everytime.



When you are done un-checking the boxes Click "Apply" and then click "OK". The box below will open, make sure you check "Don’t show this message again" and click on "Restart"


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